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We understand that Google, Bing, Alexa, or Siri can just about answer all of life's questions. We also know, from experience that the answers these services give may not be tailored effectively enough to your situation or your health concerns. Please seek the guidance of a medical professional to help make any major health decisions.

We have developed a list of questions we here most commonly from our local Slidell patients:

How often should I visit the dentist?

The American Dental Association and the Fremaux Dental Care team recommend visiting the dentist every six months to ensure that oral health concerns are diagnosed and treated in the earliest stages.


Are oral cancer screenings important?

Absolutely. We conduct an oral cancer screening as part of every six-month checkup because one patient dies from oral cancer every hour in the US alone.


Who should have wisdom tooth extractions?

Patients whose jawline does not have adequate space to accommodate these molars without causing crowding, dental shifting, or impaction (inability of teeth to erupt).


Do you take my insurance?

We take numerous insurances, and we're happy to process and file insurance claims to maximize coverage. Please visit our Financing and Insurance page to learn more.


What is dental sedation?

Dental sedation allows us to offer patients relief from pain, stress, and discomfort during dental care. While it is often misnamed “sleep dentistry,” patients are very rarely completely unconscious during treatment. Instead, they enter a state of extreme relaxation throughout care.


Do you offer whitening treatments?

Absolutely! Contact our office today to learn about the whitening services we offer including Zoom! Whitening.

Question not answered?

If you still have a question about a process or dental care, we'd love to answer it for you! Do you have a concern or question about something you have read online? Don't waste time stressing about it. Fill out the form to the left and someone from our team will be in contact with you shortly to assist you!

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