We’re dedicated to making patients smile!


A smile makes all the difference in the world in a first impression. A person who smiles frequently shows they are in a happy mood. This is a great way to set new acquaintances at ease. Do you have reservations about your smile? Does this make it difficult for you to express your feelings for fear of having your tooth alignment, color, or spacing judged?

These are real mental and physical issues. They can hold people back both professionally and personally. At Fremaux Dental Care, we’re dedicated to making patients smile! We know a smile can make a difference in not just your life but the people around you.

We invite anyone from Slidell, the Northshore, and all of Southeast Louisiana to visit us in our conveniently located practice across from the Fremaux Town Center. Let us help increase your confidence and create an impressive first impression that shows off who you really are as a person.

When you come into our office you’ll find that everything is brand new. We offer state-of-the-art dental techniques and technologies to make every procedure comfortable, quick, and effective. You can relax knowing the most advanced treatments will be comfortable and convenient all under our roof.

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By offering fully digital, paperless dental care we do our part for the environment every day. We are also able to quickly transfer files to patients, specialists, and insurance companies at the click of a button.


Many patients experience stress, fear, or anxiety before visiting the dentist. Throw in the word “shot,” and many patients are heading for the door. We offer local anesthesia using the DentalVibe for painless local anesthesia.


Detecting cavities early is the key to possibly avoiding fillings. Using Logician cavity detection software helps analyze the digital radiographs for any signs of decay. It detects up to 20% more cavities than the naked eye allowing us to find and possibly reverse early-stage cavities before they need to be filled.


High definition digital photos allow our team to show patients what we see when examining smiles. Our pen-sized cameras capture images we can view on a chairside monitor to explain treatment recommendations clearly for improved care.