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Dentist in Slidell Offers Teeth Whitening In Time for Summer

June 20, 2017

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The dentist in Slidell offers beautiful teeth whitening. It sure is heating up in our part of the country, and we just love summertime. Backyard barbecues, late nights by the pool… and photo opportunities galore! Is your smile ready for everything that’s sure to come your way during June, July, and August? Your dentist in Slidell can help transform dingy-looking teeth with a professional teeth whitening treatment.

Dr. Britney Beard offers in-office and at-home whitening to help you brighten at the pace that suits you best. Keep reading to find out more, then schedule an appointment at Fremaux Dental to get started ASAP!  

Why Teeth Darken Over Time

It’s not uncommon for the teeth to gradually darken with age. The tooth enamel becomes a little more brittle with each passing year — and that means it’s also not as good at shielding itself from stains caused by highly pigmented foods and beverages and less than perfect dental hygiene. Most adults start to notice their smile’s not looking as bright as it once did around the time they reach their late 20s or early 30s.

Some of the most common stain offenders include…

  • Black coffee
  • Wine and dark beer
  • Tobacco
  • Dark chocolate
  • Ripe berries, tomato sauce

No matter what has caused your teeth to look less than their best, a professional teeth whitening treatment from Fremaux Dental can help!

In-Office Whitening for Quick Results

Patients who wish to reveal their brightest teeth quickly often choose the in-office whitening kit, which is completed in just one, one hour visit to Fremaux Dental. With Dr. Beard’s expert application, the high powered bleaching gel only comes into contact with your tooth enamel to protect your soft tissues during treatment. The gel is then activated under a high powered light, which helps it penetrate the surface to erase stains that live below the outer layer of tooth enamel.

In-office whitening can cause tooth sensitivity. If you are prone to sensitive teeth, it’s a good idea to brush with an anti-sensitivity toothpaste in the two weeks leading up to your treatment. If you are extremely prone to sensitive teeth, however, you may be better served by an at-home whitening kit.

Gradual Whitening With an At-Home Kit

For patients who are very prone to sensitivity, or for those who wish to reveal their results more gradually, at-home whitening is an excellent choice. To set you up with a take-home kit, we will first create customized trays for your unique dentition. You will be instructed to fill the trays with a small amount of the bleaching gel and wear them for about half an hour each evening. You may notice results as soon as the first treatment, but continue using it for the full two weeks for maximum whitening.

Get Started on Your Summertime Smile!

Whether you prefer in-office whitening or a take-home kit, don’t wait to get started on your brightest smile with professional whitening from Fremaux Dental! There’s never been a better time to choose teeth whitening in Slidell. Request an appointment today!

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