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Best Options for Adult Orthodontics in Slidell

December 3, 2016

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Benefit from adult orthodontics in Slidell.If you have been living with misaligned and crooked teeth, you have probably considered orthodontics in the past. However, the appearance and restrictions of traditional orthodontics have probably detoured you from the idea of receiving care. Now, record amounts of adults are finally seeking orthodontics due to various advancements in dentistry. In fact, the number of adults now undergoing orthodontic treatment has increased by 14%. This is due to the various options available for less noticeable and quicker treatments. At Fremaux Dental, we offer the most preferred options for adult orthodontics in Slidell.

Why Straighten My Teeth Now?

It is estimated, roughly 50% of adults are concerned about the appearance of their teeth. Among one of the leading complaints are alignment and bite issues. With the appearance of your smile impacting your confidence, many feel an unattractive smile hurts social and career prospects. You can restore your outlook on life with a straight smile. After undergoing treatment, 92% of patients report a new sense of confidence.

Your confidence it not the only area to benefit. Correctly aligned teeth make oral hygiene easier. As a result, you will help prevent tooth decay and gum disease for a healthy smile. In addition, misaligned teeth are prone to damage if trauma to the mouth occurs, especially if your teeth protrude. By correctly your alignment, you lessen the risk for injury to your teeth should your mouth experience trauma.

What are My Options for Treatment?

Fremaux Dental understands the preferences of adults when it comes to orthodontics, which is why we offer multiple options for orthodontics. After performing an initial consultation, we will discuss which option is right for you.

  • MTM Clear Aligners: Clear aligners are worn over the teeth to gradually move the teeth into their correct positions. On average, it takes about 18 months to straighten your smile without the use of metal wires or brackets. This is among the most preferred treatment for adults because the aligners are nearly invisible while offering a restriction-free treatment. The clear aligners are convenient, comfortable, and nearly invisible, offering the perfect treatment for busy adults.
  • Six Month Smiles: You will quickly straighten your teeth using an accelerated orthodontic treatment. Using a method that is similar to traditional braces, you will benefit from tooth-colored brackets and wires for a discreet treatment. The brackets and wires blend in with your tooth enamel for a subtle treatment that produces lasting results. This form of treatment can be used for even the most complex alignment issues to give you the confident smile you have always wanted.

Dentist Near Me for Orthodontics

At Fremaux Dental, we specialize in adult orthodontics to give you a straight smile. With multiple options available, we will find the best treatment to meet your needs and preferences. In as little as a year, you will have a confident, straight smile for a new outlook on life.

It is never too late for orthodontic care. If you are ready for a straight smile, contact Fremaux Dental to schedule a consultation.

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